His partners.

The market of Omdurman.

Crowd at Khalifa square.

Dervish at Khalifa square.

A serious man at Khalifa square. Celebration of Mawlid, Birth of the Prophet.

Her guests

Friendly man at Tuti Island.

Mohammad at Tuti Island.

Dervish in Omdurman

Dervish in Omdurman

Dervish in Omdurman. The disciplinarian, I assume.

Dervish in Omdurman

The groovy dervish. Omdurman

The man is in good spirits at Hamid Al Nil.

Dervisch in Omdurman. He is setting up that everbody are in good mood at Hamid Al Nil.

Dervisch comes with incense.

Incense do good.

Entrepreneur in gold, Khartoum.

  Tea-Lady in Karima

Man in Karima

Camel driver in Meroe.

Camel driver in Meroe.


Boy looking after the fruit store in Omdurman

Tea-Lady in Khartoum, downtown.

A very young participant, at Hamid Al Nil.

Man in Omdurman, selling fish and spices.

The market of Omdurman.

The market of Omdurman.

The boy, nuts and dates, Omdurman.

Tea-Lady in a food-shack, Omdurman.

The man with sticks. Khalifa square, Omdurman.

Khalifa square.

Khalifa square.

A family in Shendi (and our driver) .

Cigarette man, the market of Omdurman.

Faces of Sudan