At Claire´s place in Canoelands

At the edge of Marramarra Nationalpark, about fifty kilometers north of Sydney you can find Canoelands and Aldinga were Claire lives with three dogs, four horses and from time to time a goanna or kangaroo drops in. A calm and beautyful enviroment. A true wilderness just outside Sydney.

Claire and Mr Russel.

The beautiful and essential dam in the hilly part of the farm.

Rusty likes water. He's not really swimming, it's more about to do some splashes so he can chase the water.

The cicadas are playing loudly in the evenings.

There is lot of them this year. After seven years underground they emerge, climb up trees and leave theirs shells for a short life on wings.

When Claire went by this termite hill, there was a goanna digging a great hole. Marks from the goannas clawes scratching the hill are claeraly visible.

A few days later the hole was gone and the hill had been repaird properly by the termites.

One of the gardens.

In the background; Marramarra.

Claire's brother Heiri passed away last year.

He liked to have a cup of coffe in the garden and he also works with firewood. As an honour of Heiri there's always a coffee cup and a saw preperad in a corner of the garden.

View from the terrace were we have our breakfast and coffeebreaks lazy days.

Windows inspired by the Opera House

Marramarra is just around the corner